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Aims and scope

The mission of the journal "Social Economy" (ISSN 2081-321X) is to develop scientific debate in Poland in the area of social economy, being a significant complement to mainstream thinking on the functioning of modern economies. The social economy goes beyond the classic perception of economic processes defined in terms of the activity of the state, private business and NGOs. This makes it possible to search for new ways of meeting individual and collective needs, which in some cases may be more effective and efficient than traditionally used instruments.

In "Social Economy" both scientific articles, research reports and other texts containing discussions, analyses of solutions and initiatives interesting from the point of view of social economy community are presented. The advantage of the journal is to combine theoretical work (derived from a variety of academic centers) with the voices of expert practitioners.

The journal is addressed to researchers and experts working in the field of social economy. It is also targeting public policy makers and representatives of social sector interested in the possibilities of practical application of management ideas, useful not only for profit, but also in order to achieve social benefits.

ISSN: 2081-321X – printed version
eISSN: 1898-7435 – online version

The printed journal is the primary and reference version. Both printed and online versions are original and identical.

Publishing policy: Open Access, licence: cc-by-nc-nd 3.0 pl.

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Abstracted and indexed in: BazEkon, CEJSH (the Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities), CEEOL (The Central and Eastern European Online Library), Index Copernicus, BazHum.

Scoring for Polish researchers: the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education’ evaluation: 2013: 1; 2014: 1; 2015: 7.


Małopolska School of Public Administration Cracow University of Economics
Cracow University of Economics
ul. Rakowicka 27, 31-510 Kraków

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